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Photographer's Foyer template is perfect for freelance photographers to showcase their body of work.


 We've made launching your website and displaying your photos easier with our custom templates. Personalizing your new site is easy, just change the photos, text, and colors to match your brand.

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*Template works for Wix sites ONLY. To purchase, Click 'Purchase' and include the name of the site you want to purchase. An invoice will be sent to begin payment.

Site Features

What's included?

What should i know?

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  • 100% customizable and transferrable Wix website template

  • Website launch checklist


  • 5-day site launch templates for social media 

        (Contact us to customize.)

How does this work?

  •  Purchase your site.

  • Create a Wix account. You MUST have a Wix account in order for us to transfer the site. Create an account here.

  • Provide us with your Wix email.

  • Wait 24-hours for your site transfer to process.

  • Within 24-hours, click on the email you'll receive from Wix to accept the transfer invite before the expiration.

        (Remember to verify your new account)

  • Login to your new account and click "My Sites" in the upper left  to locate your template.

additional assistance

Want us to launch your site for you or handle your monthly updates?  Want to DIY with a step-by-step guide? Purchase our Website Guidebook.

  • Wix's fees to host your website  and your domain purchase are separate from the template purchase.

  • This template can be applied to most site plans Wix offers. Site includes what is presented. No additional site features will be added unless a "Site Launch Plan" is purchased. See 'Shop' page for pricing.

  • You can purchase your domain directly from Wix when your site goes live, or you can connect a domain you currently own. 

       *Domains must be added manually.*

  • Domain purchases, hosting fees or any additional fees Wix has are separate from the cost of your custom site template we provide.

All website templates are Non-Refundable after purchase/installment. Sites cannot be exchanged for another template after payment/installment is made.

Returns/ Refunds

Have a question? insert here to chat!

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