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For new professionals in the early stages of establishing their careers, developing a consistent brand image can be mentally draining. Some are able to visualize their brands in their minds, but may not have the creative tools to bring those visions into fruition.  Here's what we can do to give your brand visual recognition! For established brands, if you're not sure whats not working, here's what we can do to provide some guidance.

Whats this?

So, you've been making cupcakes for years and have finally decided to turn your love for baking into a business. You've given your business a name, put thoughts into a logo, but now its time to create content and build your brand's overall image. Your cupcakes are easily spotted at family events, but how do you position your brand to be distinguishable from other brands in the eyes of potential customers/clients?


Brand development extends far beyond a name and a logo. Brands tell a story. It has a beginning (idea), a plot (history) main character (you) and a happy ending that everyone remembers for forever and ever (recognition).

whats included?

If your brand doesn't already tell a visual story, we help you form one. We do this by filling in the gaps and showing you how your brand's image can be extended to multiple social platforms, both online and offline. Shedule your free initial consultation below to find out more about how we can assist!

why us?

Under Lock & Kei is dedicated to assisting brands in building a consistent visual image from the ground, up. Why you ask? Simple, we understand that not everyone comes from a marketing background, nor know how to effectively market themselves, or their newly established brands. We have a knack for developing strategy, building your image, and provide you with access to the tools to do so.

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