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"I don't plan on slowing down. I love to compete."-KW

​Earning her degree in Mass Communication, with dual focus in Public Relations and Advertising, Keiara is not only the first in her direct family to pursue higher education, but is also the first to graduate with Cum Laude honors recognition from Towson University in Maryland.


As the tenth of eleven children, she is no stranger to friendly competition.

"I've always had a competitive spirit because I wanted to be the best. Competing, even as a child, has had a significant impact on my work ethic as an adult."


"I've always given extra effort in anything I did. If people gave 100%, I'd give 110%. In elementary school, I won a writing contest for the longest hand-written story (10 pages). In middle school, I competed against my entire city and won a slogan award for a McDonald's fire safety  campaign and was invited to lunch at Camden Yards. In high school, I was class president and was voted 'Most Athletic' and 'Most Likely to Succeed'. I attended college on full academic scholarship, was the recipient of several merit-based awards, was crowned as Towson University's 2013 Homecoming Queen and graduated with honors; two cords to be exact. The list goes on. I don't plan on slowing down. 

I love to compete."  


"Somehow, I've always found a way to express my creativity."-KW 

"I didn't come from the best neighborhood. I didn't always have the best things, or the best art supplies. I didn't go to the best schools, although I possessed the intelligence and talent to get into top programs in my area. Life happened. But somehow, I've always found a way to express my creativity. I would find myself coloring, or scribbling doodles and designing pretty much anything with a blank canvas, or anything I could get my hands on. '


   "From poster boards, to skates, notebook covers, and even the walls in my room, I never wanted any surface to be left bare.  

My family has always had raw talent. I owe a great deal of my creative inspiration to my older brother, who sparked my interest in drawing. As a child, I thought he was the most intelligent, talented person ever because he built things from scrap with his hands. One day, he drew a photo of a dinosaur I thought was really nice and so I tried to mimic him."


"I ran to him to show him my drawing, but of course he said his was better than mine. From that day, I practiced drawing so I would be better. I requested art supplies every Christmas and that moment ultimately gave birth to my

love for design."





2019 Envision workshop vision board & Selffull brand launch

Event hosted by: Raro Abugo, Selah Global Solutions

Event Designer: Keiara West, Unlocked Events







"Where I come from does not determine where I'm going." -KW 

"I'm from West Baltimore. And before you ask,

the answer is yes.  The same Baltimore that

the show, The Wire is based on.  I get asked this whenever I encounter out-of-state friends, and even people outside of the U.S.  Baltimore may not be the 'Beverly Hills' of Maryland, but I'd like to shed some light on a place that typically isn't known for the best reasons."


"Baltimore is thriving and is home to many extremely talented, creative people.

Where I come from does not

determine where I'm going, nor what I am capable of accomplishing. I have broken barriers as a first-generation college graduate determined to build generational wealth through my craft. Those who know my story, know that I am a fighter.

I am an exception.

I am a creator.

I am an artist.

I will compete, and

I will





keiara west

digital marketer, event designer




"I plan to travel the world, make lots of amazing memories, and continue to design."-KW 

So, whats next?

"I’m a firm believer of planning ahead but I also believe that you should embrace the journey that life brings to you, whether it’s a wild ride or smooth sailing. I hope to embrace all the good, to learn from all the bad, and to open myself up to new opportunities and possibilities. I don't want to give all of my secrets away just yet because  I have to keep you guys coming back for more. So in the meantime, I plan to travel the world, make lots of amazing memories, and continue to design

content that brings joy to

the faces of those I'm

designing for."

-Keiara West 

Under Lock & Kei



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