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Door 3: “Millennial Myth Busters"

Challenging the myths and stereotypes of today's millennial generation.

“Prove to traditional employers that Millennials are worthy of being hired.” -K.W.

“Millennial Myth Busters”


The world cannot stay the same. You cannot control what has changed or what is changing. You can only adapt and try your best to remain relevant. Many companies should adopt this concept when it comes to hiring “Millennials.”

Let’s address a few myths I’m sure many of us have heard from older generations and potential employers when it comes to hiring in our age group.

“Millennials are lazy.”

Is it really the entire generation? Or have you come in contact with one individual who has shaped your outlook on an entire demographic?

“Millennials lack experience.”

...But how does one gain experience if no one gives the opportunity to get the experience?

“Millennials don’t prepare for the future.”

How can we when retirement benefits are disappearing, salary offers are stagnant, the housing market is skyrocketing...inflation...and the oh-so-popular trend of offering $10/hour for a position that requires a bachelors degree, thirty years of experience when you’re twenty-two, a kidney donation, and two Nobel Peace Prize awards under your belt.

The negative perceptions un-willfully bestowed upon “the Millennial” has hindered talent from being integrated in the working environment in several fields when it comes to hiring younger people.

It is important to understand that connections or disconnect formed between a range of age groups in the work environment can either make or break your company’s overall efficiency. Diversity and inclusion programs are implemented for the sole reason of being more accepting of cohesiveness among employees of a variety of cultural backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, genders, religion, ethnicity, and ages.

Millennials should not be discredited nor overlooked solely based on generalizations. Just as any tenured employee, Millennials should feel welcomed, valued and should feel as though they are worthy of respect from their older counterparts.

Younger people are crossing milestones at just 24-30 years-old. The influx of small businesses I’ve seen develop among young entrepreneurs in their early twenties has definitely proven that Millennials are bold enough to take a leap of faith and work long hours to accomplish their goals.

However, this eagerness to prove to traditional employers that Millennials are worthy of being hired should not be exploited by companies who offer college internship pay for mid-level work effort. Younger people should not be offered smaller salaries as a consequence of being younger. They should feel as though they can be an asset to companies. As long as there are pay increases going to senior executives, there should not be a problem with offering salaries over $50k.

Apply pressure to change.

-Unlocking this door and throwing away the key 🗝

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