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Door 1: "Knock, knock, open up!"

Have you ever thought to yourself 'why did I ever stop doing things I use to enjoy?'

“I too can open doors and create opportunities for myself and others!" -K.W.



I told myself I’d start writing more in 2018. However, I didn’t have the slightest clue what I’d like to write about or where I should begin. I’ve contemplated in silence for weeks debating with my inner self, ‘Maybe I should write about current events—or maybe politics? Or maybe, I should start a travel blog since all of my friends love to throw the ‘You’re always going somewhere’ line at me.

Eventually after channeling thorough a million ideas, I’ve decided to create an umbrella outlet for the general thoughts that go flying through my mind each day. See, I consider myself an avid thinker. I’m always thinking about how I can improve myself, or make my day easier, or what my future would look like…ten minutes from now… I always find myself fiddling with things around the house, or thinking of what I have on my to-do list for next day, or how I plan to execute my next strategy to get a goal started.

I realized that I had been so stingy with keeping secret the beautiful things I had locked in my head, that I had forgotten that I hold the ultimate key to unlocking the universe—that being the ability to share!

So, I’ve decided to title this insert “Under Lock & Kei” to remind myself that I too can open doors and create opportunities for myself and others!

My thoughts are no longer tucked away in Pandora’s box, so consider this me, unlocking the door to my mind for the world to see.

-So glad you could make it!


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