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Door 6: “It’s spooky season! Dress up your social media.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to post better content to make your social media pages more attractive this year?

“Nothing scares me away more than when I visit someone’s social media and their content is haunting.”



It’s spooky season, and you know what that means? People are excited to dress in costumes and become whoever they’d like to be for a night. So you post a really cool photo of your costume and it gets a lot of likes and engagement. Then, when the costume comes off, your engagement and likes significantly decrease. What changed? It could be that people liked that one photo, then visited your social media page and found another kind of nightmare, consistent bad content. They re-treat because you’ve clearly tricked them into thinking all of your content was, for better words, ‘the good stuff’.

Lately, it seems as though everyone wants to go viral and become a huge social media influencer. Some people schedule photo-shoots every other day to stay ahead of the timeline, while others are completely careless and post once every few months. While it is true that some may like to be entertained by the fairy-tale glamour of social media, some may look forward to the fright-fest Halloween brings. However, its safe to say that we call can agree that no one wants to be frightened by bad content. Its best to avoid scaring away potential traffic and new followers coming to your social media platforms. Here are my top 6 tricks to give your social media followers something to satisfy their sweet tooth and keep their attention when creating our content.

1. Angles are angels in disguise.

When taking pictures, angles matter. Give some thought about what you envision the photo to look like before you press the button to capture it. Keep the device you’re using balanced and align the lens with elements in your background. Unless you’re purposely going for the tilted look, be sure not to bend the camera too high or too low. Avoid raising the camera too high up and set a cut-off point to section off which part of the background you would like to include in the photo.

2. Pay attention to the background.

Candy wrappers grab your attention and presentation is everything before visitors fully unwrap your content. When capturing photos, scope out a nice background first, figure out your angle and position yourself into the scene. (This is useful when strangers are taking your photos.)

3. Inspect your photos closely, pick out all the good pieces and leave the not-too-sweet pieces behind.

This part is important. We’re so good at picking the best photos for others when asked which of the photos we think is the best to post. We become instant experts when comparing elements of someone’s pictures in terms of the background, body pose, facial expression, lighting, angles and quality.

But why are we more likely to caption our photos telling viewers to ignore obvious issues with the picture just because all but one element in the photo is perfect? “Ignore my blurry hand. It was on fire and I had to shake it off along with the haters. #blurrybutcute #imfire #hotgirlsummer

We settle and post the photo even though we wouldn’t recommend others to post the same blurry elements when asked for our opinion. Take that same expertise you use for others and apply it to your own photos so your content is consistently clean. People respond to nice photos and it avoids what I like to call ‘pity likes’. Pity likes are when you point out a flaw with the photo and people like it even though they can’t admit the blurry hand drives them crazy. If you consistently post bad quality photos, it can negatively impact your engagement.

4. Quantity doesn't always mean quality. More candy in the bag doesn’t mean all the candy is good enough to eat.

Avoid over-saturating your follower's timelines. Everyone has been obsessing over the new Instagram algorithm and trying to beat it by posting pictures every waking moment. Posting too many pictures in a short time-frame is a sure way to scare away your interactions and annoy your follower. Its best to spread your posts evenly throughout the day or the week. Avoid running out of content to post too quickly. Having a sweet tooth too often has its consequences.

5. Always pick the homes in the area that gives away the big candy bars.

Analytics are a great tool and timing can make or break the amount of engagement you have on your content. Instagram, like other platforms, allows you to track your engagement with analytics. There are many apps you can use to track the best time to post, or you can use the free insight tool Instagram business pages have available.

If you’re tired of downloading apps, manually shop around to see which areas (days and times) will give you the best candy. For example, if you post a photo on a Tuesday at 11:00 AM and your photo received a lot of engagement on that day and time, post a few more photos on that same day and time and see if there is a consistent pattern. If it has worked for you multiple times, keep it going and develop your posting rhythm.

6. When Halloween is over, remove your mask and return to your true self.

Like Halloween, when your content is fabricated and doesn’t reflect who you truly are, especially to those who personally know you, people will see through your mask. When you stay true to who you are and your content is genuine, people will interact with your page. When creating your content add your personal flavor and keep it consistent.

If you are full of different ingredients, like myself, try to find a way to connect all the different parts of you when building your content. Mix together a few potions that work and you’ll be sure to develop the perfect formula to attract more followers, likes and engagement.

Unlocking this door and throwing away the Key🗝

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