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Door 2: “Fear has its Advantages"

Re-defining the concept of fear and why fear can actually be good.

“Fear can be a motivator in taking risks.” -K.W.

"Fear has its Advantages”


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." -Marianne Williamson

Why do we fear our potential? I mean, what about success drives us to run into a corner, and not try? We can believe in others and have such high hopes of their success, but when we look into ourselves, why is it that we as elephants tremble at the slightest view of the mouse we like to call—opportunity?

I’d like to address this word ‘fear’ and shine some light on the dark corners we run to when this word is spoken from our own lips. When you see this word, it’s usually associated with negative connotations like “scared” or “trembles”. But fear has its advantages.

How so you say?

Fear can be a major motivator in taking risks. It can sometimes force you to do what you thought was impossible. In 2015, I, as small as I am, jumped from a waterfall for the first time. I had already known how to swim from middle school trials and errors, but this monumental moment sparked my love for risky excursions. Believe me, I was scared to DEATH, but after I jumped, the feeling was so invigorating!

To feel the adrenaline rush through my body from climbing the tree, to looking down at the murky water, to free-falling in mid-air, to the impact of me colliding with the surface to become completely submerged in the green-black water, was BREATH TAKING!

So why not approach your professional opportunities with this same mindset? It may be a scary situation at the moment but once you leap, you will develop a desire to fully submerge yourself into opportunities you would’ve previously doubted you were “good enough” for.

Do not let fear prevent you from jumping. Do not let it stop you from engaging in activities that will push you closer to the results you desire. Instead, use fear as a motivator to take risks. You honestly never know until you jump. Take it from little ‘ol me.

-Unlocking this door and throwing away the Key🗝

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