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You love to celebrate, and we love to decorate. Now, its a party! Unlocked Events specializes in event decor and space curation.  As a design service provided by Under Lock & Kei, we believe the key to unforgettable moments, is unforgettable decor. Let us make your moments unforgettable.

Whats this?

Many believe that event planning and event decor are one in the same. Most won't believe that they actually aren't. If an event was a car, event planning would be the engine that puts the car in motion, and event decor would be the sweet exterior that catches your eye at first glance. Event planning involves the logistics, the nuts and bolts such as booking vendors, caterers, DJs etc. We provide your event with the bling, eye-catching features, and the sweet paint job.

whats offered?

We specialize in bringing your events to life with decor that leaves a lasting impression. We listen to your vision, form them into a lovely mood board, locate your materials, provide you with a transparent checklist, and even offer complimentary day-of coordination to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

why us?

Our decor is closely tailored and customized to fit the needs and desires of our clients. Decoration is at the center of our soul. Whether it be a intimate gathering or the party of a lifetime, each event should be a celebration. And what better way to bring the party to life than with great people, great outfits, and great decoration! Allstate isn't the only one with good hands. Schedule your free initial consultation below!

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*In-person consultations are available for Friday-Sunday only. Please include desired location in email at

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